A Valentine’s Day letter to me

Dear Recently Single Me,

Its Valentines’ Day tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Cheer up. No need to fret. You won’t die tomorrow.

Sure, given the recent events, this Valentine’s Day would be very difficult to deal with. You’re heart is broken; you still cry while you shower. You still stare blankly at the distance, reviewing in your mind how your relationship collapsed. And given that it is also his birthday tomorrow, its doubly painful since the day was given additional significance; its not just a day celebrating being together, but his special day as well.

But, if you really think about it, you survived other Valentine’s day without going on dates, or meeting lovers, or getting chocolates and flowers from guys. The best Feb. 14’s you had pre-Balug was spent dressed in black, attending UP Fair concerts, and getting your annual henna tattoos. You had fun then – the music, the new ways to express yourself though body art. That was love and celebration free from anybody. It’s just you, and loving yourself freely.

Cheer up. You’re still you. Why not view this year’s February 14 as a celebration of your love for yourself? That you love yourself enough not to settle in a relationship that is not nourishing enough, for both of you? You’ve set yourself free from complications that prevent you (and Balug) from growing emotionally, creatively, spiritually, from sharing your gifts to the larger stage. Being away from each other and becoming you again is the more loving and responsible choice.

You prayed for a Happy Heart this year. Maybe being single would give you that.

Happy Hearts Day. You’re heart is still beating. Nothing is lost.

With lots of love,

Newly single Me


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