Wave riding

Spent our weekend in our favourite, isang-kembot-lang-nasa-langit-na beach resort, Ambay Beach Resort in Botolan, Zambales. Like our last two trips, Ambay is a our little slice of heaven.

Madaming bago sa Ambay. Kuya Rolly is in a creative frenzy. The artist in him is excited with all the driftwood na binibigay ng dagat. He converted some driftwood into a table for two, perfect for dating couples na gustong kumain habang natatanaw ang dagat. He refurbished some old chairs with donated woven abaca mats, and designed mirrors with found wood, seeds and stones. Madami pa syang planong gawin sa mga driftwood, talahib at bato na nakikita niya around Ambay.

Food is always superb. Ambay is one place na hindi mahirap maghanap ng pagkain for vegetarians. Sa susunod, kitchen volunteers na talaga kami ni Darlene. We need to add to our vegetarian cooking skills.

Ambay prepared a program of knitting and yoga for the weekend, pero, ang lakas ng tawag ng tubig. At ang hirit nya sa amin ni Darlene, boarding! We had our first experience of boarding. Ang sarap sumakay sa alon! Ang sarap ding panoorin sila Kuya Paul, Kuya Edil na nagbo-boarding. Sanay na sanay sa silang sumakay ng alon. Given how much we love the waters, and some of our water shortcomings (hindi kami strong swimmers ni Darlene), sabi namin, “Ah, basta! Mag-boarding tayo! We will learn how to do it. Sasakay din tayo sa alon!”

May sinabi si Kuya Paul while he was teaching me na I can consider my big lesson for the week. Sabi nya, “Piliin mo rin yung alon na sasakyan mo. Tapos pagparating na, dapat ready ka na.”

Totoo, sometimes, we need to go with the flow. Na sometimes, it is better not to go against the current. Or we need to let life direct you where you need to be. Pero, may element of choice ka pa rin. Aling alon ang sasamahan mo? Ito na ba ito? Is the wave too big or too small for me? Am I in the right position to ride this? Will my timing be off or spot on? You can never do away with choices. The unraveling of your story, or in this particular case, your ride, will only happen once you’ve made a definite choice.

So in short, masaya at makabuluhan ang Ambay stop. I will definitely be back again, and soon. The waves are waiting for me.



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