May Traditional dance ba sa Alemanya?

Isa sa mga activities namin ay paggawa ng workshop traditional dance. The idea is to reflect through movement a slice of reality, something that is inspired by the given / surroundings that you observed. It was funny but a “theme” emerged per day; something that the participants (and myself at that specific time and date) are/were drawn to.

Here are some of the realities that the participants observed and reported in the workshop:

Monday, Theme: Karlsruhe in different Seasons

Workshop 1: Spring in Karlsruhe

Spring is a beautiful time in Karlsruhe. Flowers are constantly growing and blooming, and butterflies are everywhere, saying hello from one flower to the next.

Workshop 2: Black Forest, Disco Remix

The best time to visit the Black Forest is in autumn. Trees are majestic then; they are big and colourful, and sways with the wind. Fields in the forest feels endless.

Tuesday, Theme: Young People in Karlsruhe

Workshop 1: Danya

How do we make friends? Through meeting strangers, and opening ourselves and becoming friends. We connect to more and more people, creating our community.

Workshop 2: Travel Dance

In Karlsruhe, people walk. Or ride a bike. Or travel via tram.

Wednesday, Drumline Theme: Young People in Karlsruhe (changed from dance to drumming because there were a lot of participants, and we didnt have enough space to dance)

Workshop 1: Transportation

This is what we hear while traveling around the city – our footsteps, the tram moving forward, the slide of the tire on the road.

Workshop 2: Pizza Flowers:

What are the things we enjoy the most? Slices of pizza, seeing flowers, reading books.


Masaya ding mag-laro ng pass the message, Schuelertage style!


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