Tonight the Illusion Ends

Tonight the illusions ends,
hopes and aspirations moored in your being.
I cherished your presence,
grounding a yearning intrinsic and primal.
No more. 
We walked a path full of shadows and mysteries.
Whispers promising rapture,
bloodied in flesh,
real, vivid, visceral.
Joy and pain consumes equally,
but never the same. 
Your almond eyes promising steadfastness and steel.
A loving embrace to keep the shatter of mirrors within.
But tonight the illusion ends.
Your smile, soft and warm,
betrays the shallowness within your soul.
We are selfish creatures – primed to love, live for our own shells.
Beauty is only as good as the contentment it brings to our own.
And loyalty, discernment, commitment –
rather the same empty lies we say over and over again.
The illusion ends tonight.
I’ve seen the empty being deep within you,
masked by your eyes,
your smile, 
your solidity.
The hand i held in the gnarly forest,
is but a cold steel i will hit myself,
To my dying oblivion. 



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