Dreaming and Waking

I don’t have a career. I have dreams that I want to accomplish. – Gaspar Noe

How many dreams can I live in a single lifetime?

I am a youth worker and culture advocate. I am stirred by stories of young people recognising their power and responsibility to shape our world. I am inspired by individuals who do their share of empowering communities through innovative, creative, collaborative, and integrative manner. I am passionate about learning different cultures and traditions, and exploring how they can improve and elevate the quality of living. Communion and Connectedness is what we wish to continuously achieve, bringing together what was separated – Man and Nature, Idea and Action, the Ordinary with the Divine.

What do I dream of? I dream of socially active young people. A government with transparent processes. Living communities. Living Culture. Well-travelled, and Self-aware and Conscious Me. World Peace.


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